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Jog fall Karnataka

jog fall
Jog Fall
Jog Falls, the highest waterfall in India,Created by the Sharavathi River falling from a height of 253 m (830 ft) is the second-highest  plunge waterfall in India,Located in Sagar, Karnataka Shimoga District of Karnataka state,It is also called by alternative names of Gerusoppe falls.
Jog Falls mainly comprises of four different streams of the River Sharavati, plunging down a steep incline in the district of Shimoga. The significance of Jog Falls is that in this waterfall, the water does not stream down the rocks in a tiered fashion. On the contrary, the water thunders down the slope losing contact with the rocks, thus making Jog Falls the tallest untiered waterfall in the country. This is the reason why Jog Falls is a famous tourist destination frequented by almost every tourist visiting India. The area around the fall is excellent for trekking.
The best season to visit this waterfall is the monsoons when this gigantic body displays its maximum charm. Though one will find dense vapour engulfing the waterfall, but when the mighty waterfalls the vapour evaporated in an ethereal manner. The best look of the waterfall can be had by lying down and looking over the giant
from the slabs of rock near the Bombay bungalow. Watkin’s platform is another spot from where the view is splendid.

  • Location : Sagar, Karnataka,Shimoga District 
  •  State : Karnataka,
  •  Country : India

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